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Choosing and Acquiring a Domain Name

When choosing a new domain name, it must be considered whether it fits in with the purpose of the website and it also needs to be checked that the domain is available. Here we'll go through the process of choosing a new domain name and how to acquire it.

Choosing a Domain Name

When looking to choose a domain name, it should be considered that the name is appropriate for the purpose of the website. For instance, if a computer business is establishing a new site then the domain should center around this - such as the name of the business. It would also be inappropriate to choose a domain that is completely irrelevant, such as a name about baking when the focus of the site is computers. A domain for a business should also be easy to remember, avoiding being unnecessarily long and steering away from complicated spellings. The most successful domains are short and easy to remember.

Acquiring a Domain Name

Once a domain has been chosen, it's time to go about acquiring it ready for the new website being linked to it. Head to a trustworthy domain seller and first check that the desired domain is available. In some cases, the domain may have already been purchased by someone else. In these instances, the seller will suggest alternative choices of domain that are available. If the alternatives aren't suitable and a business requires their specific choice, it's possible to search online records to find the current owner of that domain. An offer can then be made to the owner to see if they'd be prepared to sell it.